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EMImills - Engineered Mills & Mixers

Laboratory Mini Mills

25, 50, 100, 250, 750, 1000 & 2000 ml's Chambers
Samples from 25 - 5000 ml's


  • Recommended for product research, quality control & technical service applications.
  • Ideal for  screening formulations with limited amounts of raw materials.
  • Capable of producing sub micron particles.
  • The Mini mill includes its own built in pump and pre-disperser.
  • Information gained will assist in scaling to production.
  • Chamber sizes to meet most small sample requirements.
  • Single pass or re-circulation.
  • Variable speed agitator, 0 to 5000 rpm. 0 to 18 ml's.
  • General purpose, explosion proof and intrinsically safe electrical controls.
  • PLC diagnostic controls available for operating, and monitoring process variables.
  • Quick release latches allow easy removal of components. 
  • Capable of producing Nano range particles using bead sizes down to 0.05 mm diameter.

Mill Selection Consider what your ideal average batch volume should be and any special process requirements are necessary.

Expensive raw materials

Consider a smaller mill like the Mini 25 where typical batch range is 25 to 125 ml's.

Realistic sample volumes to complete tests & to retain small periodic samples

Consider the Mini 100 or Mini 250 lab mill with sample volumes from 100 ml's to 1000 ml's.

Hazardous materials  Explosion proof and intrinsically safe electrical controls and motors are available to meet international electrical codes.

Larger lab samples or small batch production

The Mini 750 ml, Mini 1000 ml or Mini 2000 ml mills include larger chambers & feed funnel volumes which will increase your sample or production volume.

Abrasive slurries   Can be produced using mills produced with special materials of construction including wear resistant alloy steels, ceramics, polyurethane's and special materials. Hard faced mechanical seals can be supplied for abrasive slurries..

Ceramic milling chambers with components made from toughened TYZ ceramic materials avoid metal contamination and discoloration in abrasive products and metal sensitive dispersions.

Nano particle grinding special component are available to oprerate with bead sizes down to 0.05 mm diameter.

In this range exploratory work can be completed to see what might be possible when Nano particles are achieved.

PLC Controls and Process Monitoring.   

Collect and review historical data as well as monitor functions during opration with an HMI and PLC control.

EMI Mini Series Mills are supplied as complete labloratory scale milling systems. This includes operator controls, electrical panel with process timer and other electrcial devices required for operation.

 General operation -
  • Recommended for product research, quality control & technical service applications. Ideal for screening formulations with limited amounts of raw materials.
  • Samples are premixed either by hand or by a high speed disperser then poured into the feed funnel with the Mini mill at low rpm.  
  • With the end plate set to re-circulate the rpm is increased to the desired level and product is allowed to circulate until the degree of product quality is achieved.
  • Product from the feed funnel is pumped into the milling chamber and an agitated bed of grinding beads. These beads can be glass, ceramic or steel and range in size from 0.3mm to 3 mm in diameter. The agitator rotational speed is electronically controlled. Product quality is determined by adjusting the chamber residence time using the metering discharge valve located at the chamber end and by adjusting the agitator rotational tip speed and the product formulation.
  • The chamber and seal housing are water jacketed for efficient cooling.
  • Cooling for the end plate is also available.
  • Product is removed either by swinging the circulation pipe away from the funnel or by the diverter valve located in the chamber end plate.
  • The mill can also be operated by passing product through the mill in single discrete passes.
  • The through put rate can be adjusted by turning the end valve.
  • Cleaning is achieved by passing a compatible solvent through the feed funnel.
  • With the quick release chamber and end plate dismantling can be achieved in minutes for further cleaning.
  • Mini mills have efficient chamber and end plate cooling.

Electrical controls to meet all environments

  • Standard Electrical Controls
  • Explosion Proof
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Purged Electrical Cabinets

Testing Laboratory Available in Grayslake, Illinois, USA

to process your dispersion samples.

Questions: Contact 847-548-0044  E-mail: Dave.Peterson@EMImills.com