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Laboratory Bench Stirrers

Variable speed mixer with electronic control and digital display of shaft RPM. These units are ideal for mixing and blending small laboratory volumes.

They provide consistent RPM's so results will be reliable from batch to batch.

Air is not required so they are ideal for using in any location that has 120 volt power.

Mixing head manually raised and lowered.

- Mixing shafts can be easily changed to allow the use of different blade styles.

- 20 to 3000 RPM

- 1/5th Horsepower shown

- 120 volt, 50/60 Hertz Input

- Weight: 11 Pounds

Other horsepower's and shaft RPM's available.

Paddle mixer blade shown. Other types and sizes of mixing blades available to meet applications.

Questions Contact: 847-548-0044  e-mail: Dave.Peterson@EMImills.com