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Production Mills

5, 10, 20, 40, 75, 110 LITER CHAMBERS


Continuous Processing of Liquid Dispersions

  • Direct Drive simplicity.
  • High efficiency agitator system.
  • Water-jacketed milling vessel for process temperature control.
  • General purpose or explosion proof motors & operator controls.
  • Process monitoring & safety switches standard.
  • High flow screen media separation.
  • Chamber baffle system for increased agitation and narrow particle size and distribution.
  • Complete systems include motor starters; operator controls and process feed pump.
  • Single and variable speed agitators available for tip speeds to 16 m/c
  • PLC system available for operating, monitoring, recording and providing diagnostics.

General operation - The Engineered Mills EPS mill series will economically produce quality coatings, liquid colorants and other dispersions requiring fineness of particle. Products to be dispersed are premixed, and fed to the milling chamber with a metering pump controlling process residence time. The water-cooled milling chamber is filled with small media and agitated by a centrally located series of disks creating intense shear and impact forces. Process quality is determined by product feed rate, agitator rotational speed, grinding media type, size and loading along with product formulation.

New EPS Series mills provide additional benefits to the milling process. Recommended when small media less than 0.8 mm is used. Includes a new seal system, availability of three media separation systems to meet process requirements. Standard screen for most single pass applications, double screen for small media and re-circulation milling, and an centrifugal screen system for agrochemicals

and mineral grinding. The mill has increased cooling surface area for better temperature control. Includes process monitoring meters and safety switches. Various materials of construction available including polyurethane and ceramic.

Mills for hazardous locations include explosion proof motors, controls and wiring to meet local electrical requirements and standards.

PLC controls and process monitoring system available for precise operation control, collection of process data and provides automated operation.


Engineered Mills provide improvements in product quality, finer particles, dispersion stability, pigment strength, gloss and transparency.

Questions: Contact: 847-548-0044 - e-mail: Dave.Peterson@EMImills.com

Test equipment available.