Production Mills

Standard Mills include: Variable speed agitator, product feed pump, safety system and electrical panel. 

Made in America, sold throughout the world

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Mills can be engineered to meet customer process requirements.

* Note: Each mill size is capable of producing smaller or larger volumes. The chart above is used for a starting reference.
  Consult with EMImillsregarding your applications.

Models – 5, 10, 20, 40, 75, 100, 125 Liter Chambers 

Production bead mills for wet milling, fine grinding and dispersing of liquid and paste type viscosities. Operation is on a continuous basis or by recirculation milling. Precise control of the mill agitator speed and pump flow rate assists in producing uniform products.  

The Model number is the chamber void volume in liters and 4 to 6 times the chamber volume is typically the minimum batch size to be produced on that sized mill. The correct mill size will process a complete batch in a reasonable time with minimum losses and minimum clean up required. If the mill is too small the processing times will be longer and if the chamber is too large the batch will finish in a shorter time but will require more clean up materials. Discuss the correct mill selection with EMImils. 

Production Mills

  • Direct Drive simplicity 

  • Energy efficient variable speed agitator system 

  • Direct transfer of energy to the milling process 

  • Water-jacketed milling chamber and end plate for process temperature control. 

  • General purpose or explosion proof motors & operator controls. 

  • Process monitoring & safety switches standard 

  • High flow screen media separation system with two options. 

  • Complete systems include the pump, operator and motor controls

  • Variable speed agitators for precise control of the energy input 

  • PLC system available for operating, monitoring, recording data and providing diagnostics. 


The EMI production mills will economically produce quality dispersions requiring fineness of particle. Products to be dispersed are premixed, and fed to the milling chamber with the included metering pump controlling process residence time. The water-cooled milling chamber is filled with small media and agitated by a centrally located series of disks creating intense shear and impact forces. Process quality is determined by product feed rate, agitator rotational speed, grinding media type, size and loading along with product formulation.

The new mills have increased cooling surface area for better temperature control. Standard mills include process monitoring meters and safety switches. Various materials of construction are available to meet the process requirements including polyurethane and ceramic. 

Mill Selection

Mills for hazardous locations
Includes explosion proof motors, controls and wiring to meet electrical requirements and standards.

PLC controls and process monitoring system
Includes a 10-inch color monitor and PLC program for operation, monitoring of mill functions and collection of process data and automated operation. 

Production Mill
Pump Fed
Variable Speed
Agitator Tip Speed
Batch Volume *

Overlap between sizes
Chamber Liters
Min. Batch Gal.
Agitator M/S
Typical Batch Size / Gallons
55150 to 16
30 - 100
1020200 to 16
50 - 200
2020300 to 16
50 to 300
0 to 16
100 - 500
0 to 16
200 - 2000
0 to 16
1000 - 2500
0 to 16
1000 to 5000